Tetouan Guide

Tetouan is located in the north of the country, in the middle of the Strait of Gibraltar and is listed as one of the cultural cities of Morocco.
The ancient medina, a Unesco World Heritage site, looks like it has not changed in several centuries. The Spanish protectorate left an important cultural and architectural legacy that is very visible in the modern center.
The city is surrounded by coastal towns bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, to enjoy the beach or long walks.

Tetouan Guide

Free Map of Tetouan

Download the free map of the Medina of Tetouan.

And also get the Definitive Guide for not getting lost in the Medina of Tetouan.

free tetouan map

Tetouan Guide

Planning a Trip

flight tetouan

Flight to Tetouan

Tetouan has a small international airport with weekly flights to Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Barcelona, Alicante, Brussels and Marseille.
The airport is just 5 minutes from the city center.

Tangier airport has other direct connections with the most important European cities. Tangier airport is located approximately 1.15h from the city of Tetouan.



Although Tetouan does not have direct ferries to the city, the ports of Ceuta or Tangier are nearby.

Ferries to both cities depart from Cadiz ( Spain), from the towns of Algeciras and Tarifa and take about 1 hour to arrive.

Remember that if you travel to the port of Ceuta you must cross the border to enter Morocco.

what is a riad

Tetouan Guide

What is a Riad?

The word «riad» means «garden» in Arabic and although it is now closely related to tourist accommodation, it actually only refers to a traditional Arab house with an interior patio around which the different halls and rooms are organized.

Originally this patios used to be open spaces, often full of plants and a fountain in the center, thus symbolizing the Muslim «paradise».
The different medinas of Morocco are full of houses with this configuration (central patios surrounded by halls and rooms on the upper floor) and some of them have become small charming hotels.

Tetouan Guide

Beach & Coast

Tetouan is surrounded by golden sand beaches to swim in summer or take a walk in winter.

In towns like Martil or Rincon you will find restaurants to taste the Tetuani cuisine or cafes to enjoy the sunset.

Hotels & Riads

Prices and Locations


What to do in Tetouan

In Tetuan the activities are mainly diurnal. So fill your day with cultural visits or walks and at night go to a cafe or have dinner in a restaurant. If you don’t have a plan yet, here you have some ideas.

shops medina tetouan

The Old Medina

If this is your first visit, you should take a long walk through the old Medina, it’s full of life, and apart from learning history and Tetuan culture, you can buy genuine local crafts.

The Tetouan Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage place and it’s well worth it!

Remember to download the Map and Guide of the Medina!

modern art center tetouan


Tetouan has several museums dedicated to both modern and traditional art

Visit Chefchaouen

One of the most famous towns surrounding Tetouan is Chefchaouen, the blue town. It is a small town with a lot of charm, perfect to spend the day or night.

It is located approximately 1 hour from Tetouan and if you don’t have your own car you can easily get there by taxi or bus.


Tours around Tetouan


Getting around Tetuan and surroundings when we don’t have a car is easy and cheap using the 24 hours a day taxi service. 

Yellow Taxis

The yellow taxis or «petit taxis» are the urban ones and are used to move within the city. Remember that these taxis only have 3 seats.

Blue Taxis

The blue taxis travel longer distances and connect Tetouan with nearby towns and cities such as Tangier, Chefchaouen, Martil, Rincon, Ceuta

taxi tetouan stop prices

Taxi stops


More about Tetouan

gastronomy of tetouan


The tetuani gastronomy is delicious and varied, dishes are prepared with all types of meats, fish, vegetables and legumes.

Taste one of the many tajines, brochettes, fried fish and of course the typical Moroccan cous cous.

Street food and sandwiches are also a good way to discover Tetouan gastronomy

Enjoy the restaurants and also shopping in the local markets, they are quite an experience!

ramadan eid holidays

Travel during Muslim Holidays

During the religious festivals, Ramadan and Feast of the Lamb, the activity of the cities and towns changes a lot.

If you are planning to travel to Tetuan, check beforehand the celebration of these festivities.

Remember that the Muslim calendar is lunar so these celebrations change every year.


Arabic Basics


  • Hello: Slaam Alikum
  • Goodbye: Bsalama
  • Good Morning: Sbah elkhir
  • Good Nignt: Tsbah ala khir
  • How are you?: Kif ntina? / Labas? / Mizyan? / Bekher?
  • Fine!:  Alhamdulilah / Hamdullah / Kulshi mizien


  • Thank you: Shukran
  • Thank you very much: Shukran Bizzef
  • You’re welcome: La shukran
  • Excuse me: Smahli
  • Ok: Wakha
  • Enough: Safi
  • Nice to meet you: Msharfin
  • May God bless you: Baraka allahu fik
  • Here you go!: Hak!
  • Wait: Bellati
  • Come here: Ayi
  • Congratulations/Enjoy/Cheers: Bsaha
  • Go on: Zid


  • One: uahed
  • Two: yuy
  • Three: tleta
  • Four: arba
  • Five: hamsa
  • Six: Sta
  • Seven: sebaa
  • Eight: tsmenya
  • Nine: to-od
  • Ten: ashra

Food and Drink

  • Water: El ma
  • Coffee: Qahwa
  • Milk: Halib
  • Sugar: Sukkar
  • Butter: Zebda
  • Salt: Mellah
  • Oil: Zit
  • Chicken: Djej
  • Fish: El hud
  • Meat: el ham
  • Salad: Shalada
  • Tea: Atay
  • English tea: Atay negro
  • Apple: Tuffah
  • Orangev: Litchin
  • Strawberry: Fresav
  • Banana: Banan
  • Lemon: Leimon
  • Pear: Linga
  • Eggs: Baitat
  • Bread: El hobz