Hi! I’m Laura and I have been living in Tetouan for 11 years now

(Later I will tell you why this is important)


I’m Laura and I have been living in Tetouan for 11 years now.

(Later I will tell you why this is important)

Before I told you that I have lived in Tetouan for 11 years and that that was important.

But why?

Well, to summarize it for you, it’s because I know now very well what this city is about and at this point, I know all of the tips and tricks to move around comfortably.

If you are here it is because you are also interested, either because you plan to visit soon (for the first time or not) or because you are moving here as an expat.

  • Do you have a few days planned in Tetouan just for tourism?
  • Do you already know the city, but you’ve become hooked on it and keep coming back again and again?
  • Are you moving here for studies or work and plan to be here for weeks or months?
  • Are you already here and would like to have all the information at hand for your stay?

Keep reading, this will interest you

I have been meeting many tourists and new residents for years, who came to Tetouan from different places and for different reasons, the reality is that they were all plagued by the same doubts.

  • How do I get around the Old Medina? It’s a maze!
  • Where do I buy this or that?
  • How do I get a taxi to Chaouen or Tangier? How much does it cost?
  • And from the airport?
  • What restaurants would you recommend?
  • What to see and do in Tetouan in 1 day? ¿In 2 or 3?

Surely many of these questions have come to mind, right?

Not having the answers can make you feel a little insecure, it’s normal, we all like having the best information beforehand and getting everything right during our trip.

Making the most of your time, choosing where to eat or sleep or even the best date to travel can make a huge difference during your trip.

For the other things in life, I don’t have the solution, but for all of this, I do.

Don’t expect a typical “traveller’s guide”, it’s not.

In it, you will find a lot of super useful information, not only what you are looking for, but what you didn’t even know you needed!

How do I know this?

Because this guide is the result of years of answering questions and queries from tourists who have passed through the city and here, in tetuania.com, a blog that I founded in 2015.

It’s been almost a decade of messages, emails and WhatsApps, which have helped me know what interests travellers the most or what worries those who set foot in Tetouan for the first time, or second, or third…

You will discover in it all the information, tips and tricks that only a Tetouani can give you and which will help you have the best stay, whether it is for one day, several or months.

  • Old Medina and Ensanche
  • Documentation to travel to Morocco and Ceuta’s Customs
  • What to pack and what don’t
  • History
  • What to see in the Old Medina
  • Rutes
  • Restaurants & Riads
  • Gastronomy
  • Go shopping
  • Nearby towns: Martil, Rincón, Chaouen…
  • Taxis: prices & stops
  • Culture & curiosities
  • and much more!

After reading it you will know Tetouan so well that you will move through it like a fish moving through water, I promise!

Furthermore, it’s written bluntly, in clear language and no filler texts or photos, just essential content!

By the way, it has more than 300 pages.

And if you’re thinking: that’s too much! Not at all, I don’t want you to read The Lord of the Rings trilogy again, so I’ll explain:

One of the top qualities of this guide is that it is very easy to read, I have designed it exclusively this way, with a good font size and perfect for reading from a mobile phone, which is also why it has so many pages.

In addition, it is interactive, so you can move between its sections quickly and in order, no need to scroll around looking for just one topic.

Just with one click, you will be able to access it easily.

I could tell you that it’s better than other guides

But turns out it’s the only one!

You won’t find information like this anywhere else. I dare you to look for it!

As if that was not enough, this guide also includes an extra perk, just for you.

At the end of it, you will find an email address through which you can communicate with me exclusively. Is there something very specific that is not talked about in the guide? Ask me! I will be more than happy to answer you.